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Meet Erin:

Master Artist

Art is in my DNA. Both sides of my family are very creative in all aspects. I started private drawing and watercolor training when I was 4 years old, and always knew I would grow up and be an artist. The last couple of years in high school, I struggled with what exactly I wanted for my future. I interviewed for an art scholarship. I didn’t get it which ruled out art school. Thinking about spending my life as a starving artist, having to do art to make a living, not just because I wanted to, struck me as something that would make me miserable. I needed to find a practical career, but one that would satisfy my need for a creative outlet. So i chose the hair industry!!

Complementary Services

Bang Trims
Nape/ Neck Trims
Donation Haircuts

Your hair is my canvas, from natural colors to the Fun colors, at Bang Hair Studios we can do anything! Take a look at my services for pricing on styling, color, and

Hair Products

Throughout the years of going to hair shows, being educated on what brands are better than others and why, I have figured out which products work for what. Take a look at my line of products that i carry by clicking the link below!

One-On-One With Erin Law:

A Safe Place

One of the many reasons I decided to open up my own place was because i wanted my clients to be able to have a one-on-one experience. Where they didn’t have to worry about anything but getting their “hair did” and talking to me about anything they want. By owning my own space, my clients get an experience they could never have at the traditional salon.



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