The BANG Chronicles: Episode 1 – What to Expect When Expecting

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What you should expect from your professional, and what we expect from you.

The professional-client relationship is a beautiful thing. Honestly, it’s the best part of my job. I love my clients, I love seeing them, catching up with them, knowing what they like, what they dont, and watching them grow not only in beauty, but growing as a person. I love celebrating with them when they get their dream job. I love being outraged with them when their sister is up to her same old shenanigans, and I love crying with them when they tell me about meeting the love of their life. 

But most of all, I know they can count on me to do my job. To be there for them in every way, and guide them in their ever changing journey in beauty. 

Being in the business for 15 years, I have heard many horror stories of not just botched hair jobs, but very unprofessional behavior from my clients previous stylists. I think every client should have absolute confidence in their beauty professional. 

Here’s everything you should expect from your chosen beauty pro:

  1. Timeliness. Your pro should be set up and ready by the time you arrive, or within 5-10 minutes of your appointment time. You should be given a clear expectation on how long the service is going to take, or in the case of a big project or color correction, an estimate and outline on how the service will take place. Things happen, sometimes a previous client has made us run behind, in which you should expect to be notified that your appointment may start later than expected, so you have the chance to grab a snack, run a quick errand, or have a few extra minutes on your pre hair appointment nap. 
  2. Undivided attention. While it’s true, us pros are only human, and we all need to pee when we get a chance, take time while your color is processing to get back to other clients, shovel food down our trap, and rest our tired feet; your pro should be focused on you. Not their at-home drama, not other clients that they have booked during your time, and not their phone. 
  3. Honesty. If you show your pro a picture of what you would like your hair to look like, they should be able to honestly tell you what they think will work or not work. They should be able to tell you what they are capable and not capable of. Everyone specializes in something, they have things they do very well at, and things they dont. They should be up front with you on the services they are uncomfortable performing and have a list of referrals to other pros who specialize in those areas. 
  4. Professionalism. Your pro should have their own sense of style, and dress accordingly to reflect their creativity. Your pro should always have good hair. Your pro should be a good conversationalist when you want to chat, and know how to work quietly when you just want to relax. They should keep up with current trends and keep up with their continuing education. Everyone has a bad day, and sometimes a project will go awry from circumstances out of their control. But they should always have a solution, and work their hardest to make sure you love your hair. 

The client/pro relationship is a very special one, and it does go both ways. There are things your pro needs from you to do their job to the best of their ability. If you have a good relationship with your pro, im sure youve heard about or maybe seen first hand a bad client. Theyre out there. And most of them, as soon as their butt hits the chair the first thing out of their mouth is, “No one can ever do my hair right.” News flash, If thats what youre telling every pro you see, i promise you, we are not the problem. 

Here are some things you can do to make sure you’re not just being a good client, but help your pro do what they need to do to make your hair perfect!

  1. Be on time. Pro’s run on a tight schedule, and we try really hard to stay on time so we can keep you, our other clients, and us, on schedule. Most Pros will have a late policy, and will ask someone who is 15 minutes or more late to reschedule so we don’t get too far behind. That’s perfectly normal. Life happens though, we get it. Always notify your pro if you are running late so they can inform you if you do need to reschedule or if they have the time to continue on with the service. And if you’re going to be late because you just have to have your favorite starbucks drink, let us know and dont leave us hanging. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please give us plenty of notice so we can fill the spot. If we don’t work, we dont get paid, so give us the chance to make up for the loss of income. 
  2. Salons are not kid friendly spaces. Most pros love to cut your children’s hair! But all pros have a problem with children accompanying adults to their services. Unattended children in a salon is a huge safety hazard, and very distracting to any pro or other clients in a salon. So do yourself and everyone else a favor, and find a babysitter for your little tots.
  3. Honesty! There’s that word again. Clients need to be just as honest with their pros. We need to know about previous chemical and color services for up to 4 years sometimes to be able to properly advise and formulate any service. We need to know what has and what has not worked for you in the past. We need to know how much time you spend styling your hair, and if you are willing to spend more or less time moving forward. 
  4. Listen. A good pro knows what they are doing. If you ask for our advice, take it. And if you don’t, don’t come crying to us. 
  5. Curb your expectations. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. I always tell clients to look at Pintrest to get inspiration photos. Visuals are super helpful to help us understand your hair goals. But Pinterest photos can be deceiving. A lot of the photos have been filtered or altered, and sometimes unachievable in one visit. Hair Color is not always a destination, it is a journey. Rome was not built in a day. Big hair changes aren’t built in a day either most of the time. You have to trust that your pro will guide you to where you want to go safely, to avoid damage, and avoid any awkward stages. 

Every person in a relationship has a job to do to keep that relationship healthy and happy. The client/pro relationship is no different. Now you have a clear map if you ever need it, to help you navigate one of the most important relationships a lot of us have…. With your friendly neighborhood beauty pro!

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